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Professional Photographer. 2 digital cameras - wedding - forgot to sync time on cameras. wedding over. download files, can\'t sort by time - OOOPS. 900 files, how to organze in less than 8 hours? AtributeMagic comes through. download, test, it works! Run on rogue files - time to run less than a minute, time saved many hours. Happy Camper!

Tom Tucker - Tom\'s Photo Shop

Very handy program. For example, after my hard drive crashed... I am already *done* restoring some of the date info in my digital photos.


Thanks for a great utility. I worked with this file this afternoon on about 15,000 files that had incorrect creation dates due to the problem of WinNT and Win2000 transfers over a network and it saved the day, then I was able to reset the "Read Only" attribute for them (they had been on a CD ROM) and that too saved me a ton of boring work that has to be done.

Michael E. Cantrall

It has taken 5 hours searching for this application, and you have saved my reputation! I took on the task of optimizing and compressing over 1200 jpeg images taken on a digital camera. I did a good job of that, but lost all the information about when the photos were taken. I found plenty of stuff that let you change the last modified stamp attribute, but nothing that could tell me the original file creation date.

Dave. Leicester, UK

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