AttributeMagic Pro - Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Can your product modify the state of the system attribute of a system file curently in use (such as index.dat).
A: While Windows is running some system files are in use and "locked" by the system. Therefore our software can't modify attributes/dates of such files.

Q: I am using C1 to convert from RAW to JPG but it does not set the correct date&time to the picture and I actually would like to have the correct time & date set. Can AttributeMagic change the file date&time of a picture according to the enclosed EXIF data?
A: Yes. The AttributeMagic Pro can change file date&time of a picture according to the enclosed EXIF data.

Q: I have been evaluating your software, AttributeMagic Pro. When I try to change a Read Only attribute on a file located on a CD, I get a message that I am unable to do this. Is there a reason I can\'t? Would I be allowed to do this after I register and pay for the program?
A: Unfortunately, you can't modify Read-Only flag on CD-R and CD-RW on files already written on CD. You can modify files on HDD or floppy.

Q: I installed AttributeMagic Pro, then I made changes to documents. If I uninstall AttributeMagic, will the changes I made with this program stick? Or will they revert back to their original form BEFORE I altered them with AttributeMagic?
A: Changes you made will NOT revert back after AttributeMagic Pro uninstall.