Change metadata of MS Office documents

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Modifying properties of MS Office documents

AttributeMagic for Documents can change metadata stored with MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and MS Word documents. It can modify or clear following document properties: title, subject, keywords, template, author, last author, revision number. Date-time stamps of MS Office documents can be modified too: document created, last saved, last printed. Using AttributeMagic for Documents you can scrub all metadata or only particular element.

Changing file-folder date-time stamps

Utility can change file and folder date/time stamps created, modified, accessed. You can set new date-time (date-time picker included), relatively change date or time, copy one date-time stamp to another (created date=modified date), change the date but not touch the time, shift date from AM to PM and vice-versa.

Renaming files and folders

AttributeMagic can mass rename files and folders (including document files). You can add date-time stamps to the file or folder name, convert file/folder name and extension to the upper or lower case, add file and folder size to it's name.

Changing attributes of files and folders

With our utility you can modify following file system attributes: hidden, read-only, system, archived, offline. Utility can set, reset, invert and copy one attribute to another.


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