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To view or change file properties (dates and attribute)

  1. Run AttributeMagic Free!
  2. Click Browse button and select file or folder or drag and drop file to the Path to the File or Folder box
  3. Change file properties and click Apply button

Changing file/folder name and extension CaSE

You can perform UPPERCASE, lowercase, Capitalized Case and Sentence case changes on file name and file extension. Right-click on Name or Ext box to display pop-up menu. Select option you need. Then click Apply button.

Clearing file-folder time

To quick clear file time, right-click on the time box and select Clear time item. Then click Apply button.

The Refresh button

The Refresh button forces program to re-read date-time values and attributes from the file.

Information from 'Not all file systems can record creation and last access time and not all file systems record them in the same manner. For example, on Windows NT FAT, create time has a resolution of 10 milliseconds, write time has a resolution of 2 seconds, and access time has a resolution of 1 day (really, the access date). On NTFS, access time has a resolution of 1 hour.'

AttributeMagic Pro

AttributeMagic Pro is professional version of the AttributeMagic. Utility allows you modify file and folder dates and attributes. You can set or reset attributes, change Accessed, Modified and Created dates for one file/directory or a group of files/folders, subfolders.