AttributeMagic Standard - Revision History

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+ new option, improvement or modification
! bug fix


+ Templates submenu in pop-up menu in the file explorer;
+ added new menu items: Open and Open Containing Folder;
+ properties inspector is active in the preview mode;
+ improved CopyFrom action and related interface items;
+ improved filters;
+ improved columns selection window;
+ exFAT added;
+ added option to copy properties from file to file;
+ displaying summary properties for the group of selected files;
+ pop-up menus in the Info Panel;
! date-time comparing (milliseconds issue);
! issues with path selection combobox;
! access violation when date-time extraction template is empty;
! date-time extraction error when hours, minutes or seconds are zero;
! inappropriate trail limitation when running in command line mode;
! minor interface improvements; inc/dec and masking (boxes width fixed);
! removing multiply items from preview list may clear all list;
! capitalized case modification for string tags / properties;
! replacing / changing case on substrings;
! tooltip for attributes;

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