Working with templates

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To perform mass modification of file-folder properties you can create template. Within one template you can specify several actions for date-time stamps, attributes, meta-tags etc.

You can send your template via email or save on removable drive and move to other computer.

Also you can apply template via command line.

Templates list

  1. Run AttributeMagic Pro
  2. Click Tools | Templates

You can edit existing system templates or add your own templates (marked as user in the list)

templates list

Templates list

Saving, Loading templates

To save your template as file click Export... button then select destination folder and file name. You can email this file as an attachment, move to another computer or to backup media. Only user templates can be saved.

Modify template

To modify an existing template click Edit... button (or Add... button if you want to add the new one). When you have finished editing the template click Save button.

templates editor

Template editor