Date-time shift feature

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Date-time shifting feature. It's it easy to apply a fix to the timestamps of the files, folders, images or documents.

Example: Adding 5 days and 3 hours to the Modified date-time stamp.

Increment modified date-time. AttributeMagic template example
Date-time shifting using Quick Modify panel

Shift EXIF date-time (including Picture Taken date)

You can shift date-time stored in the image files or digital photos (with EXIF timestamps).
To modify all 3 EXIF date-time stamps you can create special template

  1. Run AttributeMagic Pro
  2. Select image files you want to fix date-time on
  3. Go to main menu, select Edit | Digicam Information or right click on selected file(s)
  4. Adjust template according to an example below
Increment Picture Taken date-time. AttributeMagic template example
EXIF date-time stamps shifting using template