AttributeMagic Pro - Revision History

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+ new option, improvement or modification
! bug fix

2.2 beta3 

+ search feature added ;
+ image orientation tag added (read only for now);

2.2 beta2 

+ preview window improved;
+ improved error reporting;
! date modification bug;

2.2 beta1 

+ new filters editor;
! access violation when trying to modify non-existing property;
! new template creation when registered;

2.1 beta9 

+ current Data/Time button added to template window;
+ image size properties are added for JPEG files;
+ pop-up calendar in the filter findow;
+ "preview result" flag now is individual for each template;
+ file modification now faster if no "preview result" selected;
+ Added reading file properties after drag&drop;
! sort direction arrows now similiar to Explorer;
! filters saving/loading;
! applying templates in "files only" mode with recursion;
! controls layout fixed in the template editor;
! restoring sort order for the FileName column;
! EXIF engine improved;

2.1 beta7 

+ FileSize property added;
+ drag&drop improved;
+ EXIF information with user comments will be added to non-exif JPEG files;
! bug while reading files modified with Exifer;
! "archived" bit is always on while changing document summary properties;
! folder names displaying;

2.1 beta5 

+ user templates editor added;
! preview window;
! installation procedure adjusted;

2.1 beta4 

+ save/restore forms position/size;
! bugs in filter window;
! modify button fixed in date/time mask mode;

2.1 beta3 

+ show Hidden System files option added;
+ new document summary fields can be modified;
! file attributes setting bug;
! issues in file sorting;
! sort order now is like in Windows Exporer;

2.1 beta2 

+ expand One Level and Expand All actions are added;
+ drag&drop file items to main tree;
+ EXIF tags can be implanted into non-EXIF JPEG images;
+ faster directory listing;
+ descriptions can be added to non-exif JPEG images;
+ advanced column customisation;
+ backup option added;

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