AttributeMagic Standard - Revision History

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+ new option, improvement or modification
! bug fix


+ option to use system date-time in templates and batch mode;


+ option to automatically select columns in the preview mode;
+ minor interface improvements;
! CopyFrom action improved;
! /Use Same Action/ fixed in the template editor;
! issues with file time on FAT and CDFS file systems;
! file time issues on FAT file system;


+ Quick Modify panel added;
! access violation error when using preview windows in some cases;


+ minor improvements in the filters window;
+ minor improvements of template editor;
+ /Offline/ file attribute added. View and change of attribute is possible;
+ natural sorting added;
+ added sequential date-time modification;
! file list refreshing;
! date-time inc/dec procedure in the template editor (unchecked boxed still affected modification);
! fixed /copy from/ action for properties of string type;
! cancel button in the progress indication window is working;
! in rare cases created, modification and accessed date-time are shifted by one second after modification;
! erroneous limitation of 2 filters in the registered product;
! sorting file items in the preview result window fixed;
! filters list window: fixed button;
! incorrect folder size calculation;
! sorting is available for /new properties/ column in the preview result window;
! in some cases the cancel button in the preview result panel may be disabled;
! "Invalid command" error when running in command line mode;


! Apply button function if the product is unregistered;
! win95, win 98, win me no longer supported;
! fixed (separated) sorting of files and folders in the file list;
! some misspellings;

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