AttributeMagic Standard - Revision History

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+ new option, improvement or modification
! bug fix


! problem with Windows UAC;
! some buttons may disappear when user holds Alt button;


+ new /Preview result window/;
+ added menu option to invoke windows file-folder properties dialog;
+ command line options added;
+ /Set new value/ action improved. Added more options to the /current date-time/ button;
+ /AM to PM/ action added to the template;
+ /PM to AM/ action added to the template;
+ /Apply Mask/ and /Increment-Decrement/ actions improved;
+ /Extract from/ action improved. Now it's possible to set the custom extraction format;
+ more date-time copying options added;
+ comment field is added to the template editor. users can annotate templates.;
+ sorting tab added to the template editor;
+ HTML help file;
! increment and decrement date/time action joined into the one action;
! /Set equal to/ action renamed to /Copy from/;
! Simplified file explorer to ease navigation;

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