AttributeMagic for Documents - Revision History

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+ new option, improvement or modification
! bug fix


+ /Quick modify/ panel added;
+ added support for Office Open XML files;
+ interface improvements;
+ option to automatically select columns in the preview mode;
+ CopyFrom action improved;
+ improved processing speed;
+ new file renaming features;
+ new case conversion features;
+ configuration data now stored in the local file instead of registry;
+ template renaming dialog improved;
+ files dropped to the list of files can be selectively removed with 'Remove Item From List' menu item;
+ in the Preview Mode the /Remove/ menu item renamed to /Remove Item From List/;
+ new option /Show Only Unmodified/ in the /View/ menu;
+ added sorting in the list of templates;
+ minor interface improvements;
+ help file updated;
! command line options issues;
! in some cases, 100% CPU usage on idle;
! changing case and replacing of substring;
! importing / exporting templates;
! exception if user template was imported;
! archived attribute is always on when renaming;
! bug in the string range selecting algo and related template rules;
! /Whole word only/ checkbox for Change case and Replace rules;
! exception on application exit in some cases (when any template was exported);
! the quick modify panel saves data between modifications and when the file list refreshes;
! drag&drop: files can be added to the existing (already dropped) items;
! drag&drop: file sorting allowed;
! date-time extraction problem when hours, minutes or seconds are zero;
! date-time issues in file list sorting and file info panel;
! /Use Same Action/ fixed in the template editor;
! issues with file time on FAT and CDFS file systems;
! file time issues on FAT file system;

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