AttributeMagic for Documents - Revision History

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+ new option, improvement or modification
! bug fix


! minor bugfixes and improvements;


+ added document file related properties (Category Presentation target) to template editor;
+ added document file related properties (Manager, Company) to template editor;
+ inspector panel: autosize for /Property/ column;
+ minor improvements in the template editor;
+ natural sorting added;
+ added sequential date-time modification;
! cancel button in the progress window;
! "Invalid command" error when running in command line mode;
! fixed minor bugs;


+ sorting in natural order;
+ sequential date-time modification;
! bug in the file list refreshing procedure;
! date-time inc/dec procedure in the template editor (unchecked boxed still affected modification);
! /copy from/ action for string properties;
! cancel button in the preview result panel may be disabled in some rare cases;
! sorting for new properties in the preview result window;
! incorrect folder size calculation;


+ Initial release of AttribteMagic for Documents;

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